NITLC should I or shouldnt I?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by ant2005uk, Jan 19, 2005.

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    They sound a very genuine company and seem very committed to getting you a job in IT however, what exactly do you get for your 3500pounds worth? Do they provide expert careers support and quality training? or is it just a scam. Has anyone here done the tse course or any course with them and got a job with it? They say they have jobs listed at the site and you stand a high chance of getting an entry level job in 6 months. All sounds very good but just need some opinions on the matter and advice. 3500 quid is alot, im doing a Visual basic and web course for 60 quid with another company I may even be better off sticking with Just this I dont know. Will look forward to hearing from you.
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    No scams with NITLC - a very good provider of the most expensive means to get certified. First class tutors, exams paid in cost (first shot, anyway). Good materials, great tutors, friendly atmosphere, and by all accounts (never went) the workshops are excellent.

    Job guarantees ? Pass the salt please ....

    HTH :D
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    Hi there Ant. I think there are quite a few of us here who trained with NITLC myself being one of them. I found them to be professional, helpful and there was normally someone on the end of the phone who could answer my questions.

    I did the MSCE course with them, got the MS training books, was able to borrow the CBT disks plus loads of other training materials. Also included in the fee was the exam. If you failed it then you had to pay for the retake.

    All in all expensive but I was satisfied with everything. However, if I was to do it again, I would do it myself to save the beer tokens, buy the books from Amazon and use this place for all the support I needed. But that's in hind sight and of course I know a little bit more IT wise now (not that I'm biased to this place at all of course 8) )
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    hmmmmm quandry time

    I am about to commit to computeach but... havent yet

    I also have heard good things about NITLC and have just requested a pck to keep my options open for who to choose

    sorry if I have jumped on thread but.... for self learn what do you reccomend for materials and rough costs compared to a package from a provider?

    just that exams aint cheap, mine is 7 for mcse 2003 inc free resits

    good luck with your learning tho :p
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    I went with NITLC and although it cost a bit it does seem worth it. If I had gone self study then i'd probably be still stuck on the A+ due to lack of motivation.

    Its good to see how you compare with others via the NITLC forums, especially if there is other people on there that you want to beat exam and cert wise!

    The workshops are good and even if you get nothing out of them its still worth going just to meet people in the same boat! Last December was my 3rd workshop at NITLC and probably the last...a great time was had by all!

    Good luck

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