NITLC and their claims....

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Remus, Mar 18, 2005.

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    Take any offer of "I'll get you a job" with a pinch of salt. IMHO! Get it written into the contract if they are adament.
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    From what I've seen, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that there is anything wrong with NITLC - but there may be something wrong with the salesman.
    That kind of makes me a bit angry.
    I'm assuming that the guys and girls at NITLC are doing their best, but if they've got a rogue salesman making promises that they can't meet then I feel sorry for them to be honest.
    All he has to do is sign people up and b***er off.
    I think he should eat one pair of shoes per week as part of his contract. Not so much Atkins, more of a 'cheap brogue' diet.

    **Health and safety edit - shoe polish may be bad for you. Eating shoes may be bad for you. Especially proper ones with nails in. And laces.**
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    I think that sums it up actually. I can't speak for Nitlc, but I know from having been in discussions that one of the "other" big training co's who's name is no stranger to these boards effectively contract out the recruiting of students to their courses.

    Given that for a national training co, you would need a good few reps to cover the UK, I'd be most surprised if the rest didn't do the same thing. Why maintain a sales team when you can contract out on a commission-only basis. It makes sense, and would explain the high-pressure b***sh*t that you Guys so often sadly have to report.

    As per, the above are my opinions, and not necessarily those of CertForums.

    EDIT: Above post edited, as it may have sounded like I had been in discussion with Nitlc. This is not the case. My apologies if anyone misread me.
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    It sadly does make sense, but that's why places like this are so useful.

    [ilovecertforums] I've not been on here long, and I've already seen a fair amount of people with their doubts on distance learning trawling through Google trying to get an answer. At least here, they get a variety of usually level-headed opinions. Anyone that buckles under the pressure of a salesman though had better take a head's-up - they're gonna find IT a strain on the shoulders methinks...[/ilovecertfoums]
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