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Discussion in 'Other IT certifications' started by Jellyman_4eva, Dec 5, 2005.

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    Hi guys,

    Just wondered about what people would recommend as regards a good linux cert to study...

    Have done Linux+ and would really like to stay involved with it now...

    Its good fun and there are so many great bits of software available...

    Also wondered what web development software anyone could recommend in regards to coding and picture creation/editing?!

    Certifications: MCDST, MCITP-EDST/EDA/EA/SA/ MCSA 2K3/2K8, MCSE+M 2K3/2K8, ISA/TMG, VCP3/4, CCNA, Exchange, SQL, Citrix, A+, N+, L+, Sec+, Ser+, JNCIA-SSL, JNCIS-SSL
    WIP: Lots
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    LPI is supposed to be a series of distro neutral certs that are quite a level up from the Linux+. Also, both Red Hat and Novell (SUSE) offer certification series based on their product lines. Here are the links:

    LPI Certification

    Red Hat

    Novell Certified Linux Professional
    Certifications: A+ and Network+

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