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New to VM Ware - which version?

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by beckyboo, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. beckyboo

    beckyboo Bit Poster

    Hi, I am sorry if this has been elsewhere but I could do with some help as I'm completely new to virtual setups.
    We have a Windows Server 2003 domain which I would like to replicate in a virtual enviroment for testing purposes.
    I was hoping to install it on a desktop PC which isn't overly powerful (XP pro, Intel Dual Core, 500GB HDD & 2GB RAM) but its all I have available.

    Someone suggested I try VM Workstation and other people have said VM Server.
    I wanted to add a virtual DC and 3 virtual TS's to the virtual machine, can anyone suggest what would do the job best?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Big_nath

    Big_nath Kilobyte Poster

    your PC could do with a bit more ram if your looking at running a few VM's at once. I use VM workstation, but you need to pay for that. Most people say VM server is fine.
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  3. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    VMWare workstation will cost you money, where as vmware server is free.

    If you are completely new to virtualisation you may find that MS Virtual Pc 2007 is the easiest one to use as this is also free.
  4. beckyboo

    beckyboo Bit Poster

    Hi, I was looking for a free version so VM Server or Windows Virtual PC sound like the better options for me.
    Will both of these be capable of replicating our domain?

    I have already installed VM Server and am just in the process of downloading Server 2003 VHD.

    If I decided to go with Windows Virtual server would my current set up be good enough to run several virtual machines?

    Ah I'm confused!
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  5. Big_nath

    Big_nath Kilobyte Poster

    It is pretty simple to setup a test domain with either.
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  6. beckyboo

    beckyboo Bit Poster

    Ok, I've had enough of VMWare, doesn't seem very straight forward, I'm biting the bullet and going for the Windows version!

    Wish me luck........thanks for the suggestions!
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  7. choppertastic

    choppertastic Bit Poster

    I tried both and found VMWare Server to be the best. I'm running it on my desktop 2.6Ghz Dual core with 4GB and I can easily run 3 servers without impacting my desktop or the vms too much
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  8. JK2447
    Highly Decorated Member Award 500 Likes Award

    JK2447 Petabyte Poster Administrator

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    Just a small point to take into account is that a lot of businesses use VMWare, I know we do and a lot of jobs on jobserve and cwjobs mention experience with VMWare ESX a must. I haven't seen half as much regarding MS's Virtual PC in the business world, but its newer which could explain this
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  9. Majic_Munky

    Majic_Munky Bit Poster

    Could also be that you can only use MS Operating Systems on VirtualPC. No good if you want to use another vendor.
    I use WM Ware Workstation - but as was mentioned earlier - you need to pay for it...
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  10. ThomasMc

    ThomasMc Gigabyte Poster

    Another vote for VMWare server here, do you have any budget for upgrading your pc?
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  11. Ence

    Ence Kilobyte Poster

    Bit last to the show

    Running VMware Workstation can get for 99 quid but is well worth the money. Running 120gb external drive so I can take my lab to college. Ram at home 4gb at college 2gb.

    this is for study tho not testing. Think you need more ram what ever software you pick
  12. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Sorry to go against the grain here, but vmware server sucks. Virtual PC is much better but if you want the best then vmware workstation is it.

    You will also need more RAM if you want to run more more than 2-3 VMs.
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