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new sofa

Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by fastrhino, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. fastrhino

    fastrhino Nibble Poster

    a guy walks into a brothel and asks the madame if she has any obese women. "i have one but she is really big" she replys.

    "I'll take her" and he goes into her bedroom.

    then a 30 stone woman walks in and takes her clothes off.

    he tells her to lie on the bed and pull her legs up over her shoulders, while he stands watching her.

    "are you going to [email protected]*= me" she asks

    " no, i have just bought a new leather sofa and wanted to see what it would look like with a pink cushion"
    WIP: A+
  2. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    ROTFLMAO. :thumbleft
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