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New member trouble accessing certain page

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by C14YTN, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. C14YTN

    C14YTN New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm new member here today as I have just been for an interview with an IT company in birmingham called Echo IT Training. I typed in google Echo IT Training Scam just to see if anyone has had any dealing with them and whether they are a trusted company and do what they say they will.

    After a google search a page to your website comes up so i register but still can't access page

    anyone know why i can't access the page or has anybody in midlands had any dealings with Echo IT?


  2. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    That thread has been removed from the forum at the request of the original poster as the training provider was going to take legal action against them for slander, also to protect the interests of Certforums.
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  3. microman

    microman New Member

    Hi Alright buddy, yes I had an interview about 6 months ago and did passed the interview, I was skeptical as alot of companies out their do just want your money, however after some research the facts were the jobs are out their and extra qualifications from microsoft and comptia would only increase my chances. I went with echo because the consultants wasnt your usual hard sales guys they were actually techi's and were pretty easy going - I passed my compTIA A+, and their recruitment team was good they started on my CV straight away to help me secure work. Overall, the experience up until now has been good, the only issue I had was delay in materials - but that was down to a typo in address, but aside that everything went well. would recommend.
    As for the scam, Im not sure - I do know they have a pretty strict screening process.

  4. microman

    microman New Member

    Cool pic AJ - Sonic 4 episode 2 soon ;-)
  5. sensui619

    sensui619 Bit Poster

    I also had a interview with them. Seem quite pushy to me trying to take my money and ringing me everyday. Not too sure about them
  6. swaith

    swaith New Member

    well i wouldn't take microman too seriously in his support - there's a lot floating about that isnt good about all this, i told them where to stick their course after they changed the minimum deposit on me (im very glad i took notes in that interview) as for microman, check his posts from the first one its supporting them i always get suspicious of poorly typed support comments from the bat off.

    quoting u my good man micro "No one ever makes it without hard work." <- its a great thing i spent a lot of my time doing some hard work researching this. or id be down the swanny for £700.00 right now.

    a company that offers legal action when people express their worry's over the net? that's disconcerting in the extreme
  7. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    That's what I was about to say, his 6 posts have all been related to distance learning with EchoIT - I'd be slightly concerned he is just a rep.
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