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New Member - SkillTrain / Skills Train

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by scottede83, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. scottede83

    scottede83 New Member

    I'm looking at studying towards a MCSA and I'm thinking of using a training company to assist me.

    I’m researching on a number of forums and reading a lot of posts from students that have used these training companies. It’s a huge commitment and a lot of money.

    I’ve had a sales representative from SkillsTrain visit my home, he went through the normal sales speech that others have posted about and we came to a conclusion that doing the CompTIA A+ and N+ and then the MCSA (which is what I wanted to do). At the end of the meeting I didn’t commit as I needed to research the company, also I’d like to see what other training companies have to offer.

    I’ve read a number of posts from disgruntled skillstrain students wanting refunds but not really giving too much of an explanation why.

    I’m very interested in knowing:
    What the course documentation was like, was it clear, professional and easy to follow?
    What online and tutor support was like?
    Have they fulfilled what the sales rep promised?
    Any other good and bad points?

    I have a job in IT (entry level) so I’m not too interested if they are unable to find me a better job as I’m hoping the qualifications will do that.

    I have a meeting with NITLC on Thursday evening so if anyone has any experience on dealing with either of these companies I’d appreciate your comments.

  2. hoss

    hoss Bit Poster

    :ohmy c my early post on skillstrain,yes the course work is ok,but YOU have to pay for the exams and claim them back,if i was you i would get the rep back again and get him to go over it all again BUT tape wot he says so if it is not true you have proof,if he dont like you tapeing the conversation then you have your answer as to wot they r like.:eek:
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