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New Member searching for 1st Job in IT

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by w3st0n^, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. w3st0n^

    w3st0n^ New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently registered on the certforums and thought I would start my first thread by saying hello to everyone! :biggrin

    Right I am currently looking for a job as Help desk/ First line support but I am finding it hard to get the chance and I just want to know that it’s not down to my CV.

    I am currently in talks with a company in Warrington about joining them one day a week to shadow their technical support team. I was lucky enough to find this as my boss in my current job is friendly with the owner and he has stuck his neck out and got me a placement there. Although this is an hour and 20mins away I am showing willing as I know this is a great opportunity for me.

    From reading all the stories on the forums I have decided to start studying for my CompTIA A+ so I have purchased all the books and have got a practice computer and I am getting to work on trying to get the certificate and my plan is to carry on studying :)

    Right anyway. Here is my CV any feedback is brilliant and thank you in advanced for your time.


    Attached Files:

    Certifications: FdSc Computer Networks
  2. Mr_Cellophane

    Mr_Cellophane Nibble Poster

    Change the heading to just your name. Including the date makes it out of date almost instantly and it is obvious it is a C.V.
    Remove the references at the end.
    You would appear to be holding down 3 jobs
    Certifications: MCSE, MCDST, MCNE, PRINCE 2 and ITIL
    WIP: MCSE 2003
  3. w3st0n^

    w3st0n^ New Member


    Cheers for the reply I agree, iv made the changes. :D

    I am currently working full time as a waiter which is split shifts and leaves me with free time in the day where i work part time working for Cakemates. As for the other job it's only volunteer which is a few hours here and there to help them make money out of sign language DVD's.

    Got a reply from a job today working in 1st line support and the interview is on thursday, seems like the hard work pays off in the end!


    Certifications: FdSc Computer Networks
  4. Beerbaron

    Beerbaron Megabyte Poster

    I would be inclined to say remove one or two of the older jobs from your CV. It will allow for you to explain what you did in your Foundation Degree in Computer Networks and maybe list the modules. It will be more job specific for the type of job you are applying for.

    You dont have any interests on your CV.
    As mentioned, removed the references and put 'available upon request'
    Certifications: BSc (Hons), MSc, ITIL v3F, MCP, MCDST, MCITP: edst7, MCTS, MCSA: Server 2003, MCSA: Windows 7, N+, NVQ IT lvl 3, MCSA Windows 7, VCP5, CCENT, CEH

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