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New jobs & p45 / p46

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by exonje, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. exonje

    exonje Byte Poster

    For the past 4 months I have been looking for work, during that time I have had a sales job which I quit after a week. Now I have not mentioned this job on my CV. What I was wondering is when I start a new job, is it ok to give them a p46 rather than my last jobs p45?

    I don't really understand the p45 and taxes. I am told that every new employer requests your old P45 but neither of my last 2 employers have requested them?
  2. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    A P45 is s document that comes from you previous employer and states your total pay for this tax year, amount of tax paid, your tax code and NI contributions. A P46 is just a piece of paper that you sign to say that this is your only job and/or this is an additional job or you don't have a P45. The P45 means that you go straight onto the correct tax code and don't start paying emergency tax, whereas handing in a P46 mean you will have to wait until the tax office contact you new employers with your tax code and then you will start paying the correct tax.

    I'm no expert in this, but this is basically how I understand it.
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  3. exonje

    exonje Byte Poster

    Thanks very much AJ, that clears it up for me

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