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Discussion in 'General Cisco Certifications' started by Phoenix, Feb 20, 2005.

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    As some of you may of noticed, the forum layout has changed slightly today
    Since i took my CCNA 3 years ago, Cisco's line of courses has vastly increased, and I have structured the forums to mirror thier own structure

    Routing and Switching
    this is the forum the majority of you will use, it covers all of ciscos R&S exams including the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE R&S, as well as any CQS courses in this arena

    proving less popular these days since Cisco dropped the CCIE Design many years ago, but there is still the CCDA and CCDP to fill this forum, I understand not many of you partake in these courese, but for those of you that do, this is your place to be

    Network Security
    An up and coming big name in Cisco certs is the CCSP, covering all of thier security products, as this set of courses gains further popularity and industry recognition, this forum should hopfully expand as new members take on this course, Cisco have also released the CCIE Security, which will also be handled by this forum, as well as CQS courses for cisco security products

    Storage Networking
    This forum is for those wishing to partake in the CCIE Storage and the Cisco storage CQS qualifications, based around the Cisco MDS line, an exciting line if ever I have seen one

    Cisco recently introduced a new line of professional level certification, the CCVP (Voice Professional) for those of you wishing to take part in this track, this is the place to be, there is also a CCIE Voice to tackle after the CCVP, as well as serveral CQS courses

    Service Providor
    the age old CCIP still holds strong grounds in the ISP market, as well as the CCIE SP (used to be C&S) this forum will facilitate those wanting to follow these tracks

    for all your general cisco certification information, and non certification questions

    Please try and keep your posts in the appropriate forums, please direct your home lab questions to the forums that are appropriate to the certification your lab is for

    Good luck everybody, hope the changes dont confuse you too much :)
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