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Discussion in 'Network+' started by nok, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Hello all

    Ive been studying N+ for the past 5 months on and off using cbt nuggets CD tutorials, and the other day i recieved an e.mail saying they revised the material for 2005 and the cbt nuggets CD are ready for purchase. Question is weather i need to buy the new one's or not? Would i get by using the old one's i all ready have?

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    It sounds as if you have material for the old objectives. You might want to check as some training providers replace material with the latest depending when you bought your material.
    If you have got the old material i would go to comptia and get the pdf for the 2005 objectives so you know what you need to add to make sure you have covered all the topics.
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    Have a look HERE and look at the current objectives. If your CBTs dont cover any of these then your answer is pretty much yes.

    Other than that, all I can say is hi nok, and why not pop up to our New Members area and drop us a quick intro to you :)
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