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    Anyone know where I can get some clipart or some kind of representation for routers/internet/firewalls/computers I'm doing some research on building a remote network and I need some tools on how it should look and I have seen this professional looking diagrams flying across the office but I forgot to ask anyone how to make them do use do you use PowerPoint ?
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    Did a quick google on "free computer network clipart" and came up with this:

    There's probably more but you'll have to search. The important word is "free".

    Sounds like what you really want is MS Visio which is an application for creating professional looking network diagrams. It costs a small fortune, tho. I did a quick google (I just love google) on "open source visio" and found an application called Dia. It's freeware. I've never used it so I can't swear to the quality but for free, you might as well try it out. The price is right.
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