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Netgear DG834: Transfered Data

Discussion in 'Networks' started by Fergal1982, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    Does anyone have any idea how to figure out how much you have downloaded through a Netgear DG824 Router?

    I've checked the router stats page, and it gives details on download and upload rates, but it seems to be in packets. It does give a received B/s, but im more interested in the actual amount transferred.

    Basically, I'm considering changing my broadband tariff, and need to know how much im downloading, so i can figure out if i really need to be paying for an uncapped download limit.

    details are attached.
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  2. Ozzy2k7

    Ozzy2k7 Nibble Poster

    Can't really help with the download figures but if increasing your package would give you increased download speed, you may have problems as your noise margin is quite low. Any increase may result in your connection dropping out.
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  3. Stoney

    Stoney Megabyte Poster

    Not sure how you'd do it through the router, but i use net meter on my pc at work. I only started to use it to monitor bandwidth, but it keeps a running total of how much data you've uploaded and downloaded. It also allows you to create weekly and monthly reports which is quite handy.

    It installs as a service so it starts running once you boot up windows.
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  4. Wassup

    Wassup Byte Poster


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