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negotiating salary for internal promotion

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by bukket, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. bukket

    bukket New Member

    hi all

    im looking for some advice. An internal position has came up in my work and looks likely that i may get offered the position however the salary is rather poor for a 2nd line role. Can anyone offer some advice on how i could possibly negotiate for more money?

  2. Gav

    Gav Kilobyte Poster

    Have you got a formal job spec? If you do, go online and and find out what sort of salary is paid for a similar role. If there is a discrepancy, just explain to your employer that you'd like to be paid market rate. The amount they will save on recruitment and training costs from hiring internally probably massively outweighs the salary increase you want.

    - Gav
  3. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    That logic only works if the OP is the only suitable internal candidate. Otherwise, they'll take the person who isn't rocking the financial boat.

    I don't know all the background here, but if it were me, and I wanted to move into 2nd line (and tit would be a step up), I'd suck it up, get 12 months 2nd line on my CV and move on if the finances still don't match my opinion of the skills/responsibilities required.
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