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Need some help with a job description.

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by nugget, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Can you lovely people cast an eye over the following and give me some advice?
    Following is a job profile and a job description for the position of IT Support. What I would like to know is, are the descriptions accurate and realistic? Would you describe them as 'standard' or not?

    Also important to me is what a atandard job profile and description would look like for the position of IT Manager. I've been looking all over the web but I can't really find anything that I can use.

    Function: Local IT Supporter

    1. Professional qualifications
    1.1 Basic education
    Diploma as IT Engineer (Eidg. Fähigkeitszeugnis Informatiker/-in)
    1.2 Special education
    Professional Certification such as or comparable:
    Advanced Level Linux Professional
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Preferable “ITIL Foundation”

    1.3 Languages
    Fluent English (written and verbal)

    2. Professional experience
    Experience in supporting desktop users (local and remote)
    Experience in configure, upgrade, and relocate PC hardware, software, and print devices within a network environment.
    Expertise in deploying and supporting various wireless devices e.g. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant)
    Thorough understanding of LAN/WAN environments, TCP/IP, LDAP, NFS, DNS, DHCP, MTAs, Active Directory, etc.
    Experience with applications in a Microsoft and Linux networked environment
    Experience with Purchasing and Procurement, and sourcing with external vendors and contractors.

    Special competencies

    3.1 Leadership
    Natural authority with good communicating, motivating style
    Highly sensitive on customer and service requirements
    Ability to take calculated risks by setting priorities

    3.2 Management skills
    Acts decisively, even without complete information
    Acts consistently with the communicated and approved IT and business messages and directions
    Organisational skills
    Is able to work self-sustained and self motivating with little or no guidance
    Good understanding and preferable practical experience of IT process management (e.g. ITIL)

    3.4 Personal qualities / strengths
    Possess good interpersonal skills for written, oral and face to face communications and
    Skills in influencing and negotiation methods and techniques
    Natural interest in understanding available and emerging IT technologies and how the IT technology supports the business

    3.5 Special demands
    Not applicable

    Function: Local IT Supporter

    1. Organisational incorporation
    1.1 Function above
    The Local IT Supporter reports to the Head of Information Technology Services
    1.2 Function(s) below

    2. Objectives of function
    Overall responsibility of the day-to-day delivery of IT services as agreed upon and specified in the SLA’s / SLO’s
    Performing and implementing changes in the current IT service delivery environment and infrastructure with minimal impact disruption to the existing IT services
    Managing IT service performance and quality, SLA’s/SLO’s (negotiation, attainment tracking, reporting etc.)
    Managing / coordinating occurring problems with the IT services and ensure long term problem resolution
    Providing management information and recommendations for service improvement
    Highlighting user training and education needs

    3. Tasks and responsibilities
    Act as first-line user liaison, receiving calls
    Provide direct support for office applications such as Email, conferencing, active directory management and LAN/WAN access
    Recording and tracking Incidents and complaints, keeping users informed on request status and progress
    Making an initial assessment of requests, attempting to resolve them or refer them to someone who can
    Implementing, operating and maintaining the IT infrastructure especially desktop systems and applications required to deliver the IT services
    Documents the need for any increase or reduction in Hardware based on service level requirements and cost constrains
    Procure HW and SW including management of license agreements
    Stays current in new technologies and platforms and looks out for new methods and technologies

    4. Competencies
    Ability to adjust quickly to changing priorities and make quick decisions with limited information
    Strong communication and customer service skills
    Ability to configure, upgrade and relocate PC and server hardware, software and print devices within the network
    Strong skills in PC / server hardware and software problem-solving
    Strong skills with applications in a Microsoft and LINUX networked environment
    Strong skill base of Intel processor based hardware and its components
    Ability to familiarize himself fast with new HW / SW products depending on the implementation of the IT Strategy as defined by the Head of IT Services

    5. Relations to other functions and committees
    not applicable
    6. Addressees of job description
    to be discussed
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  2. m3lt

    m3lt Byte Poster

    Hello there! :p

    You should check your post as it contains tags that are not compatible with the forum's software at the moment. :ohmy:unsure

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  3. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Looks good to me and the pre requisites i would have thought cover the duties of an IT manager well.

    However, you cant say this..

    That will piss the hell out of our lovely capable female IT folks! :wink:

    Oh and *familiarise* has an s not a z ....sowwy yanks :p
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  4. BrotherBill

    BrotherBill Byte Poster

  5. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Sorry about the tags. That's what you get late at night with copy paste and not previewing.:oops:
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  6. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess

    IT Manager Job Description
    Note: This is NOT a job posting. This is just a free, sample job description.

    This is a real-world description for an IT manager. The description itself is several years old, but 95% of it is still appropriate for today


    IT Manager Job Description
    The IT Manager’s role is to ensure the streamlined operation of the IT Department in alignment with the business objectives of the organization. This individual will plan, coordinate, direct, and design IT-related activities of the organization, as well as provide administrative direction and support for daily operational activities of the IT department.

    Certifications: Microcomputers and network specialist.
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  7. m3lt

    m3lt Byte Poster

    No worries mate! :p

    By the way, is that description for a job you are applying or are you checking if they are the "standard" description for those types of jobs ?
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  8. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Sorry Bluerinse, the above descriptions are for IT Support (as in 1st level toady) and not the IT Manager.

    No it's not a job that I'm applying for, it's the description of the job that my boss is trying to put me into.

    They are descriptions written for us by a consultant when we were looking for a Head of IT.
    We're a small company and as usual one person has many jobs. The problem here is that for the last year and a half I've been the IT Manager (also everything between 1st level support and Head of IT). We got a new CFO a while ago and he's also in charge of IT too and somewhere along the line he's classified me as IT Support.

    In all the time I've been with the company I haven't had a job description so now I need some sort of starting place of trying to describe what my positions duties really are. Another reason that I need to do this is that I have so much work that I need help. They are still sort of looking for a Head of IT but if we get him/her I will still be in the position of having to do all the work while they sit behind a desk.

    You could say that all I need to do is describe my job but what I need is to find some external/independant description so I can make a proposal to get someone to fill the position of IT Support under me, instead of getting another desk jockey Head of IT.

    Edit: thanks to BrotherBill and Mitzs for the links. Mitzs, I found the first one but thanks for the second, I'll check it out.
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  9. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Anyone else with any input??:oops:
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    WIP: MCSA, 70-622,680,685

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