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Need Advice How to Start From Sratch to get into the IT Ladder!

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by rahul786, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. rahul786

    rahul786 New Member

    My Name is Rahul, 20yrs old student currently studying a Extended Foundation Degree of Computing at Uni. Still in the beginning. I have studied A+ Plus at college. For many years, i have been really interested into getting into the IT Ladder.

    2 Years ago, i wanted to do MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, A+ Instructor Led. I was quite convinced i wanted to do these courses however when it came to handing over the money & reading a few forums about being wary of Training Schools, i pulled out because i thought it was too good to be true.

    I am new to this site, i really wanna get an IT job no, no more dilly dally. I am a quick learner, quite hands on practice sort of guy. I was reading a few threads, it has a mix&match of info for my question.

    I hope everyone here can help me, with consise info how to smash into the IT field. I am aware many people most likely get into the IT Support Roles + Telephone Support then work thier way up.

    All the courses mentioned above, would it make a difference if i studied from softwares & books instead of training schools?

    Is getting a IT degree out of uni really worth it now these days? is Microsoft certs + Cisco any better. I really dont wanna do 3years at uni, if i can work my way up from the bottom which i dont mind because by the time you come out of uni, you'll end up with similar role as if you started with Micro+Cisco Certs.

    I know that was a mouthfull of questions, i figured i mention all the doubts i had, so you can fully picture the problem?

    can everybody please help me out with some solid facts, websites, advice, books, experience, how to's?, Yes & No's.

    Many Thanks, looking foward for everybody's Reply!:(
  2. Qs

    Qs Semi-Honorary Member Gold Member

    Welcome! Nice to have you on board. You may wish to introduce yourself over at the New Members Introduction section of the forums. Link can be found here.

    Training Schools generally are. Self-study is the way forward my friend! You can find lots of useful information here on the easier to obtain certs (I suggest going for a browse):-

    A+ - Link

    Network+ - Link

    MCDST - Link

    Check the links above for useful information. New starters to the IT 'scene' generally get their A+, N+ and MCDST first then progress. Always self-study if you can help it, it's far cheaper, you can learn at your own pace and is therefore better 99% of the time.

    It depends... When you first start out on the IT career path you probably don't need a degree off the bat. (Obviously its nice to have but not straight away.) Employers are generally looking more for experience in an IT related role (approximately 6-12 months usually). My best advice to you would be to try and get some hands-on experience doing either voluntary work/helping out friends with their PCs etc. You can then put these on your CV (or cover note) for said employers.

    It also helps to get lower qualifications first. Don't aim straight for the MCSE or CCNP because you'll most likely find them very very difficult and you wouldn't get employed with these type of certs anyway (see above, you need experience).

    My advice... go for the A+, then N+, then MCDST. Later in your IT career then you can look at the degree side of it - they are helpful to get higher level roles.

    I'm sure you'll find all the information on the forums if you dig a bit - else come back to us and we'll be happy to help :)
    Certifications: MCT, MCSE: Private Cloud, MCSA (2008), MCITP: EA, MCITP: SA, MCSE: 2003, MCSA: 2003, MCITP: EDA7, MCITP: EDST7, MCITP: EST Vista, MCTS: Exh 2010, MCTS:ServerVirt, MCTS: SCCM07 & SCCM2012, MCTS: SCOM07, MCTS: Win7Conf, MCTS: VistaConf, MCDST, MCP, MBCS, HND: Applied IT, ITIL v3: Foundation, CCA
  3. Spilly

    Spilly Kilobyte Poster

    A degree from uni will opens doors & get interviews for you but it's 3 years with no pay!:(

    Certs allow you to increment & validate your skills as you gain experience on job.

    An A+ should get you interviews for helpdesk & entry level jobs.
  4. rahul786

    rahul786 New Member

    If i do start off in all the beginning. What is the maximum role i can go far with these IT certs. MCSA, CCNA, A+, MCSE, N+ etc. Will a degree push further than these?

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