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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Oscar, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Hi there all this is my first post so firstly I shall say hello!
    I am sure that posts similar to mine have came up often and I have looked through the forum to find an answer but I still need some advice for you all.

    I am currently studying a dietetics degree at uni, I enjoy the learning but I am unsure whether I really would like to do the job, I have always been into computers since I was young and admittedly spend way way to much time on them tinkering around. I really enjoy helping people with their computer problems and feel quite a bit of achievement when I am able to fix a problem on my own or get a chance to show my knowledge.
    Because of this I am seriously considering a career in it and really need some guidance on where to start.

    So far I have no formal experience with I.T and computing except from making some fairly simple websites with HTML, CSS and PHP.
    I am unsure of the exact area I would like to progress into however I would like to learn more about computer systems and networks as this is something I have little experience with.

    So basically I want a way to get a first step into working in I.T and I know that experience is golden in this type of career so I was thinking some sort of apprenticeship would be the best way forward then getting certificates ( a+, N+), however I am going to be 22 this year and I may be too old for apprenticeships? If not how do I go about finding one? I was thinking that I would like to get a job in the sector and then do an open university degree along side it in something like I.T and business because I do think some of the higher paying jobs wont look at me in the future without a degree.

    Sorry I have started to ramble on, just need some advice on how to get started and what ways it is possible to progress.

    Many thanks for any help you may give,

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