Need a little help in figuring out the Universe

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by flex22, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. flex22

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    No, don't run away now, it's not as bad as it seems.

    I need a full list from A-Z, a list of what you ask engagingly.

    Well calm down dear, and I'll explain.

    A is the first letter in the alphabet.That's easy to remember isn't it, who doesn't know that.
    You'd probably answer that in an instant without a second thought.

    B and C and possibly a few more would be easy also.

    If you know that there's 26 letters in the alphabet, and you knew that Z was the last letter in the alphabet, (which most people should know) then if someone where to ask you:

    "what's the 26th letter of the alphabet?"

    You'd answer pretty much instantly "that's Z"

    Now, answer this next question as quickly as you can:

    What's the 10th letter of the alphabet?

    Time's up, too slow lol.I'd be very surprised if you got the answer as quickly as you got A, B, C or Z.

    The tenth letter of the alphabet is of course J which I can work out in an instant, because I have an association for J.

    What's the association?

    Well the association is pretty much anything you can use in order to link the letter to the number.

    The way I associated J was simply to think about the letter J and the number 10, holding them together and waiting for an association to show up.

    As I like to keep abreast of political issues, the number 10, for 10 downing street came to mind.At the same moment the name Jeremy Paxman came to mind, as he reguarly interviews Tony Blair, who's lives at 10 downing street.
    Two associations coming together in this way is a case of the subconscious mind talking to you, very satisfying when you just let it go and wait for the answer.

    M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.

    This again is instantly recognized by myself ebcause of the association I have managed to see within myself.
    Friday the 13th is a superficial date, kind of nightmarish to some people.Something else I imagine nightmarish is a full moon which brings the gouls out :evil :asthanos
    Full Moon associated with horror films, like Friday the 13th = my association.

    If non of my two examples make any sense, that makes perfect sense.
    It's my associations from my expereince, and we all have our own individual experience.
    In fact if we all shared the same experience and the same assoications for everything. effectively there would be no need to learn anything off anybody.

    Here's the thing you can help me with, I hope.

    I have written a few, but not a full list of associations, which I promised myself I would do a few weeks ago now.Down to my lack of progress in this area, I thought why not see what assoications other people can come up with, that may work for me, and for them.

    If I'm making no sense I'll explain some more, but I think I've explained it pretty well.

    I'd like, with the full combined brain power of this super forum, to come up with at least one association for every letter of the alphabet.

    And how will this help me figure out the Universe?
    Lol well, it got your attention
  2. christof

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    how long you been thinking of that thread for?

    It involves alot of brain power for this time of night!
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  3. nugget
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    I know what you're getting at flex, but I haven't gotten that far yet.:oops:
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    all im saying is :eek:
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