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N+ 2007 exam review

Discussion in 'Network+' started by Spike, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Spike

    Spike New Member

    Just passed my N+ exam so I thought I'd let you know how it went.

    I've been off work for 5+ weeks and used the time to do some studying for the A+. I used the following to prepare for it:

    Borrowed Testout software for Comptia A+ and Microsoft 270 administering XP - (nice variety)
    Proprofs website - (useful cram sheets)
    Professor Messers free A+ - (excellent)

    After passing the second exam, which I found a lot easier than the first, I quickly booked the N+ so that I could sit it before I go back to work. Only after booking the 2007 exam did I found out that the Testout material my freind had lent me was for the 2005 exam. After wasting a couple hours surfing the net and worrying about whether the material would prepare me or not I decided to just get stuck in. Managed to finish the course in 4-5 days of 12+hours studying (feels like just one very long day), and have a day left for revision. Again used some of the cram sheets from Proprofs and watched a few extra videos on youtube.

    The exam was a lot easier than some of the test exams I'd tried online and the Testout exams. There were a lot of questions on:

    Cable specifications - lengths, bandwidth, compatabillity.
    Protocols - what function they provide, what OSI layer they operate at, their port numbers, compatability
    IP addresses - class, subnetting, routeability
    Wireless - IEEE standards, specifications, troubleshooting
    Command line tools - what they do, witch one produced the given results, Linux, Win 9x, Win XP

    There was also some difficult stuff on servers, network administration, RAS, and VPNs, and some hideously easy questions that I couldn't get wrong and were just marks they were giving away. There were about 3-4 questions that I didn't know anything about, and didn't even know what any of the 4 answers meant.

    To be honest I wasn't at all confident I'd pass the exam but I got through with a 705 score, 554 is the passing score. I put the pass down partly to having recently studdied the A+ and partly down to studying basic networking at college, but most credit has to go to the Testout software. Even though it said it was Testout N+ 2005 it was very relevant and very comprehensive for the 2007 exam.

    If your planning on taking the N+2007 exam my advice is try to understand all of the concepts as thoroughly as you can, especially the OSI model. Then memorize:

    Port numbers
    Cable lengths, bandwidths and materials
    Wireless frequencies, bandwidths and interoperability
    IP addresses - Class A, B, C, D, E, Private addresses, APPIPA

    Just common sense and a good memory will get you marks.

    Good luck!

    P.S. It cost me the best part of 200 quid to sit the exam with VUE. Hope it was worth it!
    Certifications: OND E&C, City & Guilds ITSST, A+, N+
  2. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    Thanks for the tips :) I always get stuck trying to remember all the Cable Lengths or standards, so it's something I've been focusing on. I'm hoping I can take the exam at the end of the month.
    Well done on the exam!
  3. Adrian.Popescu

    Adrian.Popescu Byte Poster

    Congratulations, thank's a lot for sharing the experience :D i plan to take mine at the end of march :rolleyes: Did you have hands on experience with networking? You finished going through the hole book in 4-5 days? Impressive...
    Certifications: City&Guild's Level2&3, CompTIA A&N+, MCP
  4. mattstevenson

    mattstevenson Byte Poster

    I can agree with your point that Testout is an excellent tool. It helped me through my A+ and N+ too.

    Certifications: Triple A+. Network+, CCENT
    WIP: MCP, ICND2, Sec+
  5. Spike

    Spike New Member

    I support end users in configuring home networks and now and then get the odd corporate caller. Testout did the rest really. Good luck with the test, it'll be good to get it done before they change it.
    Certifications: OND E&C, City & Guilds ITSST, A+, N+
  6. jo74

    jo74 Byte Poster

    But is there much of a difference between the 2005 and 2007 versions of the exam? Wasn't the '07 one a review?
    Certifications: A+, N+, Sec+
  7. Evilwheato

    Evilwheato Kilobyte Poster

    I think so :)

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