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My Photoshop equivalent of "Hello World"

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Fergal1982, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Fergal1982

    Fergal1982 Petabyte Poster

    I picked up Photoshop elements after christmas and finally had it delivered. After installing, I managed to track down a few tutorials (I have a book but its not entirely clear what it describes - and appears to be for an older version).

    Below is my first attempt (The first halfway decent one at any rate). The effect is a minor one, just based on a couple of photo's in my collection, but im pleased with it.


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  2. Apoc220

    Apoc220 Byte Poster

    I like the cloudage, not bad. I haven't messed around with photoshop for a WHILE. I'm talking back in pre CS days. But I will say that if you have a tutorial book, it might be worth it to try and follow the directions as best you can and try to figure out where adobe might have moved an option. I found that sometimes when there was a tutorial from a previous version there might be one or two steps that were not exactly correct. By poking around and looking for similar options I was able to find the tools that they were discussing. Google is your friend too! Obviously the easier solution would be to just get an updated book, but if you like figuring out puzzles like me, it can be kinda fun. Good luck and good job!
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  3. LukeP

    LukeP Gigabyte Poster

    Good luck mate! Photoshop is a beast to master.

    I would rotate the photo slightly so the tower walls are parallel to edge of the photo (at the moment they're leaning towards left side of the pic). :D
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