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My Intro, Gangnam Style!

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Sparxeh, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Sparxeh

    Sparxeh New Member

    Now I have your attention chaps, just a quick hello from me! :D

    My name's Josh and I'm from Lincolnshire in England. I'm 20 years old, turning 21 in January. I currently work for a merchant services company providing technical support to customers for their Chip & PIN card terminals, which I have done for just over 2 years now.

    I have always had a massive interest in IT and Networking since I was about 11 years old. Unfortunately I never found or been given the opportunity to work specifically in IT. Outside of work I am always building PCs for friends, family and colleagues. I also do a lot of troubleshooting, setting up basic home networks, replacing faulty hardware, etc. Very comfortable with the Windows OS, Office package, etc. So I have a strong foundation of knowledge touching base with most aspects of IT (except programming, hate!). But I have nothing on paper or actual real 'work' experience to brag to an employer that would qualify for me a real IT job. :(

    I have now decided I really want to do my best to get into the IT industry. In turn I have created myself a little certification path. Now I know certs don't get you instant jobs/offers, but I can use them to open doors a little easier and look more attractive to potential employers! I have listed my 'wishlist' of certs in order how I want to achieve and work towards them. If anyone has experience or any critics to make, feel free! :D

    • A+
    • Network+
    • Security+
    • Server+ (possibly, not 100% on this)
    • MCSA: Windows Server 2008 or 2012 (not decided, by the time I come to this, it'll probably be worth doing 2012)
    • MCSA: Windows 7 or 8 (same as above)

    Then I decide whether to commit further down the Windows route over the years, do I look more into IT/Server Admin jobs for schools, colleges, unis, SME firms, etc who use Windows? Or do I go down the Cisco route? Potentially harder, but I have already had a look through some CBT Nuggets videos for Cisco certs and I feel quite comfortable working towards them when the time comes.

    • CCENT
    • CCNA
    • CCNP
    • CCNP Security or Voice

    I won't keep going as I get far too ahead of myself! My long term goal over the next few years is to complete the A+, Net+, Sec+, maybe Srv+ and maybe even MCSA certs if I can keep on the ball.

    Wishful thinking! Hope to visit the forums and take part when I can. 8)

    P.S. Sorry, this hello wasn't as quick and brief as expected!
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2012
    WIP: A+ 2012, Network+, Security+
  2. jvanassen

    jvanassen Kilobyte Poster

    Welcome :)

    You've definitely set yourself a plan lol. Do the A+ and N+ and then see what you fancy id say. You never know things might change and you might be better of doing another certification if you find a job etc. A+ then N+ is a good starting point though. Good Luck!
    Certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+, CCENT
    WIP: ICND2 200-101
  3. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster

    Welcome aboard, looks like you have got a plan!
    Certifications: CCA | CCENT | CCNA | CCNA:S | HP APC | HP ASE | ITILv3 | MCP | MCDST | MCITP: EA | MCTS:Vista | MCTS:Exch '07 | MCSA 2003 | MCSA:M 2003 | MCSA 2008 | MCSE | VCP5-DT | VCP4-DCV | VCP5-DCV | VCAP5-DCA | VCAP5-DCD | VMTSP | VTSP 4 | VTSP 5
  4. Kopite_21

    Kopite_21 Gigabyte Poster

    Welcome to CF!
    Certifications: National Diploma IT Advanced ECDL
    WIP: A+
  5. Notes_Bloke

    Notes_Bloke Terabyte Poster

    Welcome to CF:D

    Good plan & good luck :D

    Certifications: 70-210, 70-215, A+,N+, Security+
  6. Beerbaron

    Beerbaron Megabyte Poster

    Its good to set targets but your career will probably change direction quite often when you hit things you enjoy or dislike. Keep an open mind.
    Certifications: BSc (Hons), MSc, ITIL v3F, MCP, MCDST, MCITP: edst7, MCTS, MCSA: Server 2003, MCSA: Windows 7, N+, NVQ IT lvl 3, MCSA Windows 7, VCP5, CCENT, CEH
  7. Sparxeh

    Sparxeh New Member

    Agreed. I'm pretty open to the concept and understand the further I progress, my interests may change or life may tweak me to a different aspect of IT.

    Initially though I do fully intend on completing the A+, Net+ and Sec+ so I have touched base with most aspects of IT and have a strong fundamental understanding.
    WIP: A+ 2012, Network+, Security+
  8. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    Welcome to CF!
    Certifications: A+ | CCA | CCAA | Network+ | MCDST | MCSA | MCP (270, 271, 272, 290, 291) | MCTS (70-662, 70-663) | MCITP:EMA | VCA-DCV/Cloud/WM | VTSP | VCP5-DT | VCP5-DCV

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