Motorola unveils first Linux smartphone

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Motorola unveils first Linux smartphone
    The mobile-phone maker has put its first Linux-powered handset on the market, launching an ambitious strategy of competition with Symbian and Microsoft

    Motorola has launched its first handset powered by Linux, in a move being closely watched by those who see a bright future for the open-source operating system on portable devices.

    The US handset maker introduced the A760 handset on Friday in Taiwan, along with eight other models, ahead of the Taipei International Telecommunications &amp; Networking Show, which begins on Saturday. The A760 is a high-end smartphone whose functionality includes a PDA-style personal information management suite, a video player, a music player, and an instant messaging tool. It will initially be available only in the Asia Pacific region, with plans for European and US availability later.

    Motorola has said it plans to eventually use Linux in most of its handsets, including more inexpensive models. The phone was announced in February of this year, at the same time as Motorola's ambitious Linux plans -- it is the only major mobile-phone brand using Linux in handsets.

    full story: ZDnet UK news

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