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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tripwire45, Mar 29, 2004.

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    Yesterday I went to print something off of my lab machine...a Dell XP Pro. My printer is attached to my Micron Win98 via usb and shared to the rest of my network. The print job didn't work and I found out that my XP machine wasn't connecting to me Win98. They could ping each other by their static IP addresses but not by name (names are listed in LMHOSTS and have worked ok up til now). The two machines are connected through an old IBM 10 mbps switch. My other two computers are attached to the network wirelessly through an access point and the lab machine can get to them no problem.

    I went to reboot the XP thinking it would help and got a very nasty blue screen saying in part:


    Then under Technical info, it said:

    Stop 0x0000004 E (hex value, hex value, hex value)

    Ok, it didn't really say "hex value"...that's just shorthand for the numbers that showed up. I had to do a hard shutdown to make the blue screen go away. I restarted it and it seemed fine and could not connect to the Micron. I tried to print though and the print job hung.

    I went to test my connection via the laptop. It was hibernating so I pushed the power button to bring it back. A few indicator lights flashed but absolutely nothing else happened. It usually just comes out of hibernation at this point. I finally did a hard shutdown. When I restarted it, the screen resolution was at its absolute lowest setting. I reset it and it took. I got a message saying that the laptop had just recovered from a serious error (and yes, I forgot to look at my event viewer until just now...and I'm at work...have to check it when I get home). I let it send its error report to Microsoft (I usually just blow those things off).

    Really odd that both computers should have significant problems at the same time. Currently, I have them both shut down but I can't figure out why they both should go fubar at the same time. Any ideas?
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