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Discussion in 'Sales and Swaps' started by kat731, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. kat731
    Honorary Member

    kat731 Megabyte Poster

    Hi all,

    some of you may know im always buying gadgets/phones etc... i know i know i shouldnt...
    Just bought a new LG KE970.. cool phone. So, have got 3 for sale now. Thought id give you lot a chance before Ebay.

    • 1x Motorola V3X, boxed, CD etc, unlocked
    • 1x Benq-Siemens EF81, USB cable, charger, CD, unlocked.
    • 1x Sony Ericsson P990i Smartphone, WI-FI, 1GB Duo card, charger, boxed, manual... Unlocked. 4 months old.
    Offers, all good condition, screens perfect, no probs. Search ebay for price ranges.
    PM for more info etc. Will be listing very soon, so, if interested let me know.

    Certifications: BA (Hons), A+
    WIP: 70-685 77-884

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Thread Status:
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