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Discussion in 'Software' started by Kopite_21, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Good Afternoon Guys,

    I am in need of assistance that I am currently having in work where our Governance Department send out Newsletters. But on this occasion when it is sent it misses the Company Logo and some other pics. It also has the option to open in a Web Browser and this opens perfect.

    Can anyone shed any light on how to resolve this. Please see attached.

    Kind Regards


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  2. zxspectrum

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    We had a similar issue with announcements and an LMS we used, the i mage wouldnt display or had an red X where the image was supposed to be.

    The trick I did was to untick dont download images,


    It may be group policy on your side that could be causing the issue.

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  3. dmarsh

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    Depends on how you build the email, could be CID with an attachment or just a Hyperlink to an image on a web server or CDN.

    With the first you may have not attached the image or you may have in incorrect CID.

    With the second the server could not have the image, bad link, server blocked by firewall etc.

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