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Microsoft's Welcome Kit

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by zimbo, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. zimbo
    Honorary Member

    zimbo Petabyte Poster

    I just got my second welcome kit for my MCDST - yeah the cert is great and im loving it!:biggrin But again the card annoyed me! When i got my MCP kit the card was GLUED down to the card it comes in... and again now! So now i have 2 cards both of which are full of glue on the back!

    Whats the point in doing that?? Ok its not like im going to carry my card around on me but still you would think that its MS so lets get some brains working on how to send us this card without sticking it down!:dry

    Certifications: B.Sc, MCDST & MCSA
    WIP: M.Sc - Computer Forensics
  2. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    The glue comes off really easily if you rub at it...

    My main compaint is that the card is thinner than the old one and isn't as good at getting ice off the windscreen!
    Certifications: MCT, MCTS, i-Net+, CIW CI, Prince2, MSP, MCSD

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