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Microsoft Official Distance Learning MODL & Retendo

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Simon HEster, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Simon HEster

    Simon HEster Bit Poster


    I could do with some help, views, thoughts, about the Microsoft Official Distance Learning MODL and .www.retendo.co.uk training provider.

    Has anyone had any experience with it?

    What has attracted me to MODL is the fact that they offer live web classes so far i have only been able to find one company to offer these courses www.retendo.co.uk they claim to be the only training provider in the UK offering MODL courses and from the MS site they are the only one listed.

    Has anyone heard of http://www.retendo.co.uk/ ?

    Does anyone know of any other training provider who offer live online classes with a tutor?

    I've done some searching on the company but not found anything other than there own web site.

    I'm looking to do a MCDST course and there prices seem reasonable and i would look to complete the course in 6 weeks.

    The other thing that has attracted me to them is the online simulation material. Can anyone tell me where i can buy this software or get it for free?

    Currently i have bought the MS press book siwth a view to self study but this retendo company has cought my any any help would be great.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. brgentry

    brgentry New Member

    Hi Simon,

    You can find the list of certified partners here: http://www.distancelearningpartners.com/ Retendo does appear to be the only one in the UK. That said, keep in mind MODL is distance learning so you can purchase it from any of the providers listed assuming you don't mind the time zone differences.

  3. Simon HEster

    Simon HEster Bit Poster

    Hi thanks for the help

    Decided to do self study for the comptia and mcdst certs

    sorry for the late reply.

  4. SteveM

    SteveM New Member

    I'm thinking of taking a course with these guys, especially as I've just received a voucher for £50 any of their courses and their prices look pretty keen already!

    I don't know if anyone else is thinking of going on one of their courses (and I know this isn't one of those tacky vouchers forums) - but according to the fine print anyone can quote the code SM2008 and get the same discount!

    Anyone got any experiences with Retendo or "Live Online" learning?



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