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For Sale microsoft e-learning vouchers for sale

Discussion in 'Sales and Swaps' started by jimarious, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. jimarious

    jimarious New Member

    i have for sale x4 microsoft e-learning vouchers that give you access to microsofts e-learning for
    18 months for the course/collection you choose.. i used some against xp / server 2003 and windows 7 collection each retail about £270
    if you buy from microsoft.
    i bought a e-learn course from rezound and sheffield which included 8 of these as well as measure ups and exams.
    im looking for £50 each for them no offers
    if you look at microsofts e-learning training catalog it will give you a good idea of what you can redeem them against.
    once paid through paypal i can post or send you a code via email as they come in a sealed microsoft envelope and once opened there is
    a panel at the bottom you can scratch off to reveal the product key...
    i tried to put the links to the catalog etc but the website wouldnt let me as it thought i may spam..

    any question please send me a message

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Thread Status:
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