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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by candyman, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. candyman

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    Would membership of professional bodies such as the British Computer Society, MENSA or Institute of Leadership and Management increase the chances of gaining employment?
  2. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    I would suppose that it would depend on where you were applying to work. Some establishments such as univeristies may look favorably on these things but generally I wouldn't think that it would make much difference.
    If you have the right qualifications and the experience then I think that it would count for a lot more than having a professional membership.

  3. JonnyMX

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    I don't think it would really make a difference.
    Some professional bodies charge a hefty membership fee (at least the ones worth joining do).
    Most of the benefits of you being a member of such things would be gained by an employer, so from my experience you can usually get them to cough up the fees for you to join once you work for them.
    When I was in HR I was a member of some such nonsense. I got loads of junk mail and got to get days off to go to conferences and seminars. It was all a load of rubbish but it made my employers think that I had access to some kind of magical font of knowledge.
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  4. Sarah

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    To be honest it does not make that much difference!
  5. Phoenix
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    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    Well mensa doesnt make a difference, ofcourse I dont actually plaster my CV with the fact
    the BCS is a more useful one I feel, but it really depends where your applying for a job, there were a few guys working for the central government agency I was working with who were members, infact I may be getting one of them as my sponsor to join too! (you need a sponsor really, or lots more points as far as I recall, sandy would know more about it as he is a member)

    cant help but think most of it is bragging rights, and whilst it may break a tie breaker, in any other circumstance it just wont make a difference
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  6. JonnyMX

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    Do you get a blazer badge?
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  7. Sandy

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    Hi All

    As Phoenix has said I am a member of the British Computer Society I can't see the fact that I am a member getting me a job what it does do is allow me to meet other members and talk about IT. Some from commerce, some from Universities and some like me in the Public Sector.

    As a member you sign up to a code of professional conduct there are a few benefits, e.g. discounts on some software. Membership does cost a bit but the tax man does give you some back.
  8. Jamin.

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    I really rate being a member of BCS and it is something on my todo list. I have joined as an AMBCS (£30 a year) and am impressed with all the networking of members with similer intrests and sectors. Anyone looking to change job in IT needs a bit of networking, and this is a great place to not only gain that but also to learn how other people in your shoes are doing things (e.g. why are you using novell in this sector when MS has provens links here?) If you are asked to do an eval. project, it really helps to get a feel of how other people have done it (not re-inventing the wheel) and the networking BCS provides is a perfect example.
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