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MCSE Training?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by elli5on, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. elli5on

    elli5on Kilobyte Poster

    Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since i've posted on here. I have been out of the IT zone for a while now, Since leaving my Job at Web-Systems. I do have an A+ currently but had other priorities to attend to (Kids, Who'd have em). I want to get into a Job that's going to set me up for a decent career in Networking.

    Which is the latest exam's to be looking at for the MCSE certification? And which training programs are best to be looking at?


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  2. Tinus1959

    Tinus1959 Gigabyte Poster

    MCSE exams stay more or less the same. There is no two year version or something like that. For MCSE you need 7 exams. They are:
    1 client exam.
    You can choose between XP or Vista. If you allready have the workstation 2000 exam, that will be valid as will, but this last exam can not be taken anymore.
    4 server exams.
    70-290, 70-291, 70-293 and 70-294. No choices there.
    1 design exam. Choice between 70-298 and 70-297 (active dir and networking or security)
    1 elective exam.
    Most of my students do this in 2 years.

    I think a better option would be to first get your network+ and after that get your MCSA.

    Other option: MCITP windows 2008.

    I think the route to MCSA would be best. You can allways extend this to MCSE or upgrade to 2008.
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  3. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    I would suggest the MCDST after the N+.

    Plus having the MCSE without the proper work experience isn't a good idea.
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  4. elli5on

    elli5on Kilobyte Poster

    This is a copy of an email i recieved regarding what i posted earleir...... Let me know what you guys think

    Hi Craig ,

    Further to our discussion Please find details of the package that we can offer as below:


    · COMPTIA A+ Training Package Courseware

    · MCTS Training Package Courseware

    · MCSE Training Package Courseware

    · MCSA Training Package Courseware

    · MCDST Training Package Courseware

    · Technical Microsoft Master Package

    · Online Based Material

    · Past/Mock Examination Papers

    · Virtual lab


    · 18 Months Unlimited Access


    · Full Tutor Support

    · Free Phone Support/E-mail Support

    · 24/7 Live Mentor Support


    · 10 Official Exams plus 10 Official Resits


    · Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

    · Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

    · Microsoft Certified Professional

    · Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

    · CompTIA A+ Certification

    All For Just £1499.99 + Vat ! (Subject To Availability)

    We Can split the payment up over 10 months which would make the payment £172.49 over 10 months.

    If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me on the number provided below:
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  5. Shinigami

    Shinigami Megabyte Poster

    Is this like a self study where they provide all the books and exams with a chance to call someone up if you're stuck, or do you actually get some class time (evening or day classes) with a tutor and access to hardware which lets you attempt lab scenarios? (sounds like the former)

    As a comparison:
    Ten MCP exams will set you back about £900.
    MCSE books, MCDST book(s), and some MCTS books (your email doesn't mention which one) will cost a grand maximum of £300 if I do a quick check on Amazon. But it seems like ALL the material is "on-line only"?

    So you're looking at giving them another £300 for the chance to call them and be in contact with a mentor 24/7.

    I'd be careful if the material is on-line only because sometimes it's just handier to have a book with you when taking the train or whatever... in which case it would be easy to see why the overall price is so low (£300 for 18 months of support isn't too bad IMO).

    Just trying to put things in perspective... I may have gotten the numbers entirely wrong, and there's not nearly enough info to make a clear decision, but to myself it doesn't sound too bad. I've seen worse. I just wonder if the 24/7 support is really that, and gives you access to a 'good' tutor whenever you need it rather than being diverted to a call center where someone reads stuff off their manual (if you see what I mean).
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  6. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    I don't know the company, however for them to say "Past Examination papers" already sets alarm bells ringing.

    Can I assume that they also "guarantee" a job at £40k pa once you finish the course? Plus no experience needed?

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  7. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    Yep. There are NO legitimate past examination papers. If that's what they're providing, then they're providing braindumps, and I'd recommend you stay far away from that mess.
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