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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Aureilius, Sep 11, 2005.

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    I was in the book shop today, looking for whatever A+ books they had. I'm hoping to start on it in a week or so via learndirect (they have a few A+ endorsed courses).

    Anyway, I got to looking at, amongst others, the MCSE books. There was MCSE XP proffesional, MCSE security, & a few others.

    My question is, are these all part of the same qualification? Or can you be an MCSE in different things, similar to how a degree or a-level work (same skill level, just different subject)?

    I'm hoping that the four or five tombes I saw earlier are not all part of one cert? They were like breezeblocks!

    Any advice much appreiciated.
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    Hi, With the MCSE qualification there are seven separate exams to pass and each one is an MCP certification in it's own right. There are four *core* subjects which are taken by all MCSEs which covers workstation, server, TCP/IP and networking and Administrating Active Directory. After that there are the electives i.e you get to chose from a bunch of possibilities. I chose ISA for example as one but I could have chosen Exchange instead. You also have to take at least one design exam, if you chose security I think that gives you MCSE+security but I chose Active directory design.

    For more information check out the Microsoft web site.

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  4. Aureilius

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    Thanks guys.

    Waaay outta my league for now.

    Still, interesting reading.

    How daunting does that look :eek:
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  5. cuoreL7

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    Finally! i found this link! thanks Pete! :beers2

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