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    I am trying to decide which has more value with respect to getting good Job offers with good remuneration, MCSD or MCSD.NET? I am planning to do MCSD (VC++) or MCSD.NET (C#). I have two years of experience on VC++ and a 10 months experience on C#. When I searched for jobs I find lots of jobs for VC++ but is realize that in the near future the job for .NET will increase.

    So, I am really unable to decide.

    Any advice will be welcome.
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    I can't really help you on that question but I am sure someone will be along after they have had some sleep and give you some advice.

    In the mean time, would you please pop over to the New Member's Introduction forum and introduce yourself. It is a good way of getting to know some of the regular posters on here :biggrin


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    Welcome to CF Abigail19. :)

    Although I'm no developer what you will discover in your career is that holing Certifications in not a gateway to earning a great salary.

    What will get you a great salary is being able to prove that you enjoy what you do and show empolyers that you are good at it. Certified or not, if you can prove your skill on the job you will be capable of increasing your earning potential.

    Something to think about in terms of which certification to choose would be what you see yourself doing in say 5 years time. Do you see yourself developing on your existing platform forever, or changing to the newer .Net platform?

    Regardless of which route you take I wish you the best of luck.

  4. JonnyMX

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    It's always a difficult decision - to go with something tried and tested or go with the latest because Microsoft say that it's going to be big.

    It's quite easy to upgrande your own knowledge (and applications) to .NET at a later date if you want to.
    On the other hand, Visual Studio 2005 is just round the corner with Framework 2. So maybe it would be worth waiting for that if you want to be really cutting edge.

    I personally did .NET and thought it was great.
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