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MCDST or MCTS (Windows 7)

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Killian, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Killian

    Killian Byte Poster

    I'm having a bit of an internal debate with myself at the minute over where I should go next. I've recently sat and passed the A+ exams and have my Network+ this week (fairly confident I'll pass).

    Bit of a background; I work as a Network Technician for a school with around 800 or so computers and have done for around 18 months. We currently run Windows Server 2003 (mainly) and XP. I was considering studying the MCSA as I felt this would be beneficial for my role though I've recently found out we're doing a big upgrade in the summer and moving onto Server 2008 and Windows 7. If I'm being honest I don't know how long I intend on sticking around as I'd rather get out into the 'real' world where there is clear progression and so am seeking certification.

    I decided to study the MCTS - Windows 7 Client exam as this counts as a part of either the MCSA or the MCITP the latter of which would be useful if I was sticking around. The thing I'm hung up on is my A+ and N+ actually count as the elective exam for the MCSA; meaning once I do the client one I only have to do the 2 core exams - which I know make up the largest chunk of the MCSA. They don't count towards the MCITP Server Administration.

    And to make matters worse I'm now thinking that the MCDST will make job seeking much easier than the Windows 7 Client exam as I would assume most companies are still using the XP OS predominantly.

    So do I study the 2 exams for MCDST or go down the Windows 7 client route and perhaps move on to the MCSA or MCITP. I've already brought the MS Book for the Windows 7 Client exam (70-680) as I'm impatient and had made my mind up.... the key word being 'had' :)

    Any advice would be extremely appreciated.
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  2. BosonMichael
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    BosonMichael Yottabyte Poster

    I'd recommend the MCDST. As you say, most companies predominantly use XP.
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  3. soundian

    soundian Gigabyte Poster

    I'd stay where I was if I were in your position, at least until the end of the year anyway.
    If you've supported XP, W7, 2003 and 2008 and worked through the changeover, you're going to be more attractive to any company looking to make the same change.
    I'd get the MCDST first.
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  4. Killian

    Killian Byte Poster

    Yeah; that's kinda where I'm heading I think. Unless an opportunity presents itself in the meantime.

    Thanks both; I appreciate the input. Going to go off and get the MS Press books for MCDST now. Fun!
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