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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Loopy, May 13, 2005.

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    My company have sent me on all the courses required to take the MCSA, I currently have only passed the client exam 70-270 and i'm studying for the 70-290 at the moment to take for the 4th time!! I have been looking at my options for the elective, as I was planning on taking the MS Exchange elective although it seems to be the hardest of the bunch. (well actually its 70-290 but i'm getting closer to a pass!)
    Has anyone gone the option of taking the MCDST option instead for your elective? I know it works out an extra exam, but having flown through the 70-270 first time and working in a helpdesk environment anyway, it seems like the easiest option?
    Any suggestions?
    The only thing i'm hoping is that Microsoft don't revoke the qualification as it seems to be slow taking off.
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    this all depends
    the easiest route is not always the best
    are you looking to stay in the helpdesk role for the forseable future? or progresS?
    if its progress your after having some exchange experiance/skills are pretty important these days with the gradual decline of its competition
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    Dunno much about the MCDST Loopy, but there are a few CompTIA certs you might want to consider. A+ & N+ work out as the elective for the MCSA, also I think the Security+ from CompTIA classes as the elective also (not sure on that one).

    Might be worth considering some of those, as it would broaden your certifications to include non MS qualifications as well as MS.
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    Loopy I've done the MCDST and it covers a fair amount in terms of Microsoft Technologies. I wouldn't say the uptake is slow as it's just starting to get off the ground. I'm doing my MCSA at the mo (though I'm trying to get my backside in gear) and will use the MCDST as an elective I can also use my A+ and N+ as well. The beauty of using another exam as an elective is that you get another cert along the way. The only time I wouldn't recommend using these as an elective is if you are planning on using the technology for your job or have an interest in the elective exam topic.
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    Thanks there are some good points here. I'm probably going to be in the helpdesk role for a while, and i'm doing the MCSA because the company are paying for it so its really just a case of getting it done. I'm thinking I will probably go back and do MS Exchange at a later date anyway because I did the training courses for it, its just a very hard exam to pass!!. I've done all the revision for the XP client exam so i'm hoping the MCDST will be slightly easier as i've already done most of the work for it, and as you say its also another Microsoft qualification. Got to be worth it! Thanks
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