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    Hello people. As i mentioned a while back, I have been considering taking this course with Computeach International and I had one of their advisors round my house some time ago. However I now have a few concerns and I am sure whether this is the right way to go about becoming a DBA or sql programmer (which is my aim).

    I have read alot of very bad posts with regards to this training company on other sites, and at their lovely yahoo group which consists of a load of people moaning about them saying they are a money grabbing outfit. Is it true? are they really a bunch of scam merchants or should I just ignore them? You see I have had several companies round and they seemed the best and I was very satisfied with what the advisor told me.

    My other concern is the fact that I do not seem to be able to find any jobs that ask for this qualification anywhere, in fact all the DBA and sql programmer jobs I have seen advertised say you need 2 or 3 years experience? so how an earth is anyone with this qualification alone supposed to get a job in this field was the advisor lieing to me?? The only jobs I found suitable were DBA vacancies advertised by computeach themselves, apparantley they are setting people on who have this MCDBA visit for more details and type in MCDBA.

    However other than this, it doesnt look too good. What I can see is me doing this course and not getting a job at the end of it because I have not found a single job I would be suitable for. Are there any other places you can locate jobs other than newspapers and job sites? are they hiding somewhere? lol.

    My last question is, are computeach careers any good? do they get vacancies that match the students requirements and do they help you get your first job in it?
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    Yeah, I've heard that they are money grabbers - but hey, that's the free market. Good luck finding a training provider who is in the business for any other reason than to get paid... :D
    MCDBA is an awesome qualification - many companies depend on SQL for just about everything and DBAs can earn top buck. However, as it is so business critical it is hard for an newly certified person to get in there. There is too much at stake if you **** things up.
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    Hi Frontier

    I seem to be in a similar position, and would also like this course, but there just doesn't seem to be the information available.

    Let us know if make a decision.

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  4. Sarah

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    Don't do it!!
    Please look around for other providers I have not heard any good things about them.
    Have a look around either ILT or e-Learning.

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