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Discussion in 'MCAD / MCSD / MCPD' started by Notes_Bloke, Sep 10, 2005.

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    Hi Guys,
    This is my first post - so please be gentle! :)

    I'm wanting to gain the MCAD/MCSD cert in Vb.Net, but would like recommendations on which is the "best" distance based learning provider, as well as a ball park figure as to what they are likely to charge. I've been searching their websites, but they don't seem willing to divulge the course cost, without first contacting you by phone!
    Also, any recommendations for going down the self study route, including which books to purchase.

    NB :)
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    Welcome to CF. :D
    You have found the No.1 place for most IT related topics and the best bar none for Certification. It is packed full of help.
    I am sorry that I cannot give you a ball park figure on the course the are interested in because it isn't something I have looked into sorry. There will be someone along shortly who will know tho!
    Best of luck. Let us know who you choose.
    If you do decide to go down the self study route I always go for training material and books recommended by the helpful people on here and the great reviews on
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    Hey Notes_Bloke - why not swing up to the New Members forum and claim your very own welcome post. You'll get to meet the Guys better up there :)
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    There are plenty of distance learning providers offering this course. This forum is full of praise/hatred for many of them. You need to make your own judgement on who is the best. It's hard to get truly impartial advice...

    MCSD seems to cost between £4000 and £6000. You need to find out exactly what you are getting for your money. I certainly wouldn't pay more than £4500 for a decent course.
    What you have to remember is that distance learning providers are exactly that. Distant. So they provide the materials and you study them. That's fine - just remember you are paying for the course materials, so make sure they are good quality. Don't pay full whack for a pile of photocopied manuals.

    Tutor support and training centres are a great bonus, but you need to weigh up how much you will use these compared to your basic coursework. Don't fork out for a fantastic training session if it's in Glasgow and you can't be bothered to go.
    Just make sure there is a tutor who knows his stuff who you can contact if you get stuck.
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