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may the ITIL be with you......

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by theskillsgap, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. theskillsgap

    theskillsgap New Member

    its the new black...thats official

    wondered if anyone can help me to help them.....

    i need to grab a good,
    by good, i mean referred to us...by a student...

    ITIL management trainer, a bit of Prince may help..obviously, classroom time not essential

    however...i'm posting this at certforums, as I have no requirement for a project - read...nee skills what so flamin' ever -manager... i want someone who enjoys implementing IT projects and understands, change , continuity, capacity, availablity and problem management.....knows a CMDB from an assett database and knows how to reboot a derver at the same time...the rest we can train in...

    we have a load of future work delivering ITIL and would like anyone to come forward that would like to progress as an ITIL trainer...so if you think you know someone that has the above...send them this way

    work in Guyana, States, Oxford, London, Cambridge ...oh and hebden bridge



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