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  1. SimonV
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    Anyone been to see the new matrix film yet? Heard mixed reviews.

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  2. Angus

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    Have'nt seen it yet, but so far I have'nt heard any good reviews. Then again it would depend on what you like in a film. I have seen a lot of films that reviewers have said were great and I thought were cr@p and vice-versa.

    I'm going to go and see it for myself anyway soon and could let you know if I see it before you. 8)

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  3. tripwire45
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    My 15 year old daughter and her friends went to see it last night. She came in and when I asked her how it was, she said: "It was alright. I was kind of disappointed". Then she made some comments that would be considered "spoilers" so I won't pass them on. I've only seen the original which I liked quite a lot and will probably get around to watching the other two some year when they're both on dvd.
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  4. Phil
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    Phil Gigabyte Poster

    I was pretty disappointed with matrix 2 and was hoping Matrix 3 would bring it all together and make up for 2. From what I've heard so far I don't think it's going to so I'm not sure I'll be rushing out to see it. I'll probably wait until it's on DVD.
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  5. Nelix
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    Went to see it yesterday afternoon, totally enjoyed it, not what I was expecting but still enjoyable, answered a few questions that were raised in the first 2 films so i feel it was worth the money, might go and see t again
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