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    I'm a Brummie exiled to Burton, in deepest Staffordshire, where they brew the beer.
    Working as a service technician on network copiers and colour laser copiers, been doing this for 21 years, but the network side as only been the last 5 or so. Started the TSE course just before xmas, passed my A+ a month ago, now finding it a little hard to get motivated on the Microsmurf stuff.
    Certifications: A+, Network+, MCSA+M, MCSE:2000
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    I know what you mean about the motivation bit,

    Welcome to the forum, hope we can all be of some help
    Certifications: A+, 70-210, 70-290, 70-291, 74-409, 70-410, 70-411, 70-337, 70-347
    WIP: 70-346
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    Have you considered doing the Network + first! It is not as hard as a MCP and is a great foundation for a lot of stuff you will do in all of your MCP's

    Have you any other study guides apart from the MS Press one. Personally I could not get on with them. Hated the style, total lack of subject depth. I much preferred the Sybex books.
  4. Bluerinse
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    You are not alone there, I worked in the office equipment industry since 1978 and saw a lot of changes over that time. Like you, the newer digital machines being connected to LANs helped introduce me to networking. I have to say that initially it was a bit tough having to learn how to set up printers, scanners, digital colour copiers etc with software and instructions which were not user friendly at all :mad:

    The main manufacturer's equipment that I worked with was Ricoh.

    I enjoyed it while it lasted but I am glad to be 12000 miles away now!

    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)

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