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Managed DNS

Discussion in 'Networks' started by BrizoH, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. BrizoH

    BrizoH Byte Poster

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a managed DNS provider?

    The name records it hosts will be mission critical so redundancy is a must, ideally with control panel type access to records.

    My current ISP (BT) does provide a full service, however without the control panel access.

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  2. Phoenix
    Honorary Member

    Phoenix 53656e696f7220 4d6f64

    Can you put the term 'Mission Critical' into context please
    What sort of business is it? what's the effect of downtime? how much will they lose with an outage? thus how much are they willing to spend?

    is BT your network provider?
    a lot of other ISPs will offer similar services, not sure if you will be able to buy it as an optional extra or not but its worth looking into

    try Colt/Easynet/Mistral etc

    Don't try Nildram, I will say no more hehe
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  3. BrizoH

    BrizoH Byte Poster

    The company is a web based provider of reporting tools (financial sector)

    Clients are signed to contracts, so any downtime wouldn't lose revenue directly but it would cause no end of grief from clients/management.

    As to how much they are willing to spend - probably not much in my experience :rolleyes: but I'll do my best to get whats required.

    Access to a control panel would be nice as in the near future we will be migrating to a new host, so the ability to change records to the new host, and back in the event of problems would come in handy.
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