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Looking for Study Recommendations From Excel Experts for Exams 77-427 & 77-428

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Office 365' started by YenzerBob, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. YenzerBob

    YenzerBob New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm hoping a few of the MS Excel Experts here would kindly recommend texts to study in preparation for passing Excel Expert exams 77-427 & 77-428. I've already purchased "MOS 2013 Study Guide" - Mark Dodge. I'm sure you know it alone isn’t sufficient for exam prep.

    I have multiple tech certs, prepared for each using sets of self-study guides. In this case it’s been extremely difficult to locate such books. I would greatly appreciate recommendations for sets of texts which you found sufficient to pass exams 77-427 & 77-428. Your time and consideration are sincerely appreciated. Thank you very much!

    Best Wishes.

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