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    hi ppl

    just wanted an opinion on something.. i completed whats called a local a+ on the 2001 objectives and was issued with a certificate from the learning centre with all the marks of the 7 exams i took. The material was comptia online material but my certificate doesnt mention comptia anywhere, would it be wise to redo this and gain a proper a+?

    Im considering networks as my area...

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    If I understand you correctly, the learning center you studied at gave you a certificate for passing their in-house (but not CompTIA's) exams. The true CompTIA A+ exam is comprised of only two exams, the Core or Hardware exam and the OS exam. If your certificate doesn't reference CompTIA on it, then you aren't a certified A+ technician. If the A+ is one of your goals, you'll need to schedule, pay for, and take the actual exams at either a Prometric or VUE testing center.
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