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Discussion in 'Networks' started by gary_potten, Jul 19, 2005.

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    Hi all, Just to let you know ive been at my new job now for nearly a month and its going great! Ive got a slight issue, I need to limit the amount of access users get to the internet, preferably by password, I know that it can be done in the content options of internet tools but I would prefer a network solution that would allow certain users access. The main problem is the fact that we are a fairly small organisation, all we have is 2 servers 1 mail and 1 storage, and a firewall, so each usert gets virtually full unmonitored access. (My boss has found some unacceptable material on a few of the guys pc so this needs to be done asap) Cheers Guys
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    Ask him if he wants to invest some money to erradicate the problem. I've been using the Net Pilot from Equiinet which allows you to set up several different filters for different groups of users (or individuals!). I've even got it sending me an e-mail alert (almost) the moment one of the kids decides to look somewhere they shouldn't!

    There's also the Exo Server from intY (not as easy to use frontend but still a cracking bit of kit - had one to play with for a fortnight earlier this year!).

    If you pay extra for N2H2 filtering then you just choose which type of sites you want to ban (ie, porn, webmail, games, jobsearches, etc...) saving you a lot of the work.

    There's also a software alternative called "Intelliguard" but I wasn't too impressed when I trialled it...
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    Or Deploy microsoft ISA server 2004, integrate windows authentication into your filtering, as wlel as open many options for expandability when the time comes such as vpns, site to sitel links, server publishing of exchange 2003 for OWA etc

    failing that on budget constraints, cant you tweak the rules on the current firewall to only allow net access from certain machines?
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    Cheers, for you quick response! I will look into the solutions you have suggested, many thanks.
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