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Leeds / Bradford career development group

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by satz, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. satz

    satz Bit Poster

    Hey guys just some blue sky thinking really want to bounce some ideas across

    An idea just hit me...

    Considering how hard its to get a job and amount of rip off merchants offering it training and development and high prices for 5 day crash courses. I thought as good members of the community we should help each other develop and learn our skills by having group sessions. maybe make some sort of learning agenda. I always find it better to bounce of other people and learn from others also it reinforces my own knowledge and skills when i teach someone else.

    I have access to small meeting room around 8 people ish and im sure i can find more contacts if i need more space i got quite a lot of learning materials and a spare server kicking about. I think its a good idea considering how everyones on limited resources

    I'd love to hear your thoughts people
  2. Garethgtt

    Garethgtt New Member

    sounds interesting, i am in keighley so pretty closeby

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