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LBA and If/Why CHS is Still Used...Need Input

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by powder21, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. powder21

    powder21 Bit Poster

    EDIT: Sorry, while researching LBA, which then led me to CHS translation, I somehow managed to confuse myself and forgot how modern day operating systems work (at least as far as Windows is concerned).

    If you have an MBR disk, then CHS translation is needed to boot your system because MBR code was written to rely on CHS geometry in order to locate the partitions before LBA existed.

    If you have a GPT disk, CHS geometry has been completely removed from the boot process as GPT relies solely on LBA.

    As far as the modern operating system is concerned: "I don't care what kind of disk it is. I've already been told how many sectors there are and I will address them with that amount of logical blocks. It's all LBA to me."

    Please correct me if I am wrong as I only came to this conclusion after reassessing in my head what happens from the time I hit the power button to when I'm surfing the web.
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