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(Lack of) Progress Update

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by MasterDelgado, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. MasterDelgado

    MasterDelgado Bit Poster

    So it's been 4 months since getting my A+ and joining this forum. I am still working at my current employer (non-IT financial services job) - but I've been given a side-ways promotion from the accounts helpdesk where I was, to something with more data entry and no incoming phone calls. The reason I applied for the internal transfer was for "breathing room" to something less stressful than the call centre where I was so that I could get back on track getting certified/applying for IT roles.

    I bought the Network+ guide and made it a quarter of the way in on the first read-through but I've put it to one side to concentrate on my new internal job.

    Also kind of stopped applying for entry-level stuff (both directly and through agencies) as I wasn't getting any kind of responses at all. It seems that the same companies/agencies are coming up time and time again (only using Indeed as Monster Jobs just gets me spam calls).

    I AM going to a local IT Professionals Meetup next week as this group was very encouraging and supportive of my intention to get into IT and I got a free copy of Windows 8 plus some Pluralsight vouchers off this group.

    Anyway, that's were I am right now. Currently making my way through Fallout 4 and watching Euro 2016 too. And running - one year in a call centre has given me 5 kg that really shouldn't be there...

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