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Labs for 70-462 and 70-463

Discussion in 'SQL Exams' started by chicola, May 1, 2016.

  1. chicola

    chicola Bit Poster


    I want to get started on these exams, but I need to purchase some new kit to set up some labs. I am on a really tight budget, can anyone suggest the minimum kit required to set up labs that will enable me to learn the content?

    I can't spend more than a few hundred so I was thinking that the online transcender labs might be a cheaper option? Does anyone have experience with them>

    If I were to buy an i7 with SSD and 16GB RAM would it be sufficient in running Hyper V labs? I am only looking for something that can simulate the course requirements, not setting up a "real world" scenario.

    I've done some research and saw a blog where someone set up a lab with about four servers and a client computer running concurrently. They didn't state what kit they used, but I imagine the spec for this would be a lot higher. Is it even necessary though to have four servers set up for the exam requirements.

    Any suggestions would be really helpful as this is a sticking point for me.
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    A decent computer with 12 GB RAM, SSD and VirtualBox should do it.
    MS software is available on trial basis.

    I'd expect 2 servers would be fine for most of it, that way you can set up active-active, log shipping etc. You can use the host OS for the client.

    Personally I think you'd learn more this way than with a cloud environment.
  3. chicola

    chicola Bit Poster

    Thanks, I'll buy a new laptop soon and go from there.
  4. EagerDinosaur

    EagerDinosaur New Member

    I passed 462 with just a single machine running SQL Server, and by reading the training guide carefully. I admit that's not ideal, but only parts of the exam refer to multiple server configurations. From memory, I don't think 463 requires multiple servers.

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