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Lab Partners - CCVP, CCNP, MCSE, CCNA

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by tigrepojke, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. tigrepojke

    tigrepojke New Member


    Just seeing if anyone is wanting to help each other out on study and labs. I have my CCNA for 2yrs now so would be happy to help others with it whilst keeping my knowledge fresh.

    Recently passed MCSE and MCITP Exchange for my company that needed the certs, I do not touch domains etc on a day to day basis so looking for lab partners to bounce ideas/challenges/material off of so I can flesh out my knowledge on it.

    I work for a Cisco Gold partner that does a lot of voice and have passed a number of CCVP courses already, I will be finishing this cert off hopefully by the end of the year so anyone studying this drop me a line. I'm doing CCNA Voice next as you now need this to finish CCVP, no way around it. Then I have CVOICE, QOS and TUC to do after.

    Also wanting to dabble with the CCNP for more routing/switching knowledge, I will be completing the certification in my own time but getting better with MCSE/passing CCVP is priority right now.

    Happy studying guys, maybe chat to some of you on here.
    Certifications: CCNA, CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice, MCDST, MCITP, MCSA, MCSE, Zeacom Accredited
    WIP: CCNP Route/Switch
  2. losso

    losso New Member

    you know CVOICE 6.0 counts as ccna:voice right? no need todo IIUC
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2010
  3. vhb

    vhb Bit Poster

    Hey Tigrepojke

    I am studying for the CCNA voice on my own time as well. Where abouts are you based? I live in Central london and currently work in Chiswick.

    if you are still looking for someone give me a shout.


    Certifications: CCNA, MCP,ITIL v3
    WIP: CCNP, VMware
  4. tigrepojke

    tigrepojke New Member

    You know, I found this out just this week! When I checked last year you had to do CCNA Voice then the CCVP exams, not kept an eye on it due to having to do the Microsoft stuff for the company.

    G'day Victor. Are you doing the 640-460 IIUC route to CCNA Voice which is for Commercial level so learning CME and CUE?
    Or doing the Enterprise route which is 642-436 CVOICE and using full CUCM, gateways etc ?
    I'm going Enterprise as almost all customers I support are on CUCM so makes sense.

    I'm based in Luton. I'm aiming for CCVP and wanting CVOICE knocked out through September, QOS is October, in November I'll read a bit on TUC and cherry pick the 640-460 IIUC for CME/CUE stuff and then in December I'm down in London on the TUC course as the company are sending me. CCVP by end of the year or Jan 2011 latest.

    CCNP will be started in the New Year.

    If you want to bounce ideas, labs etc off each other on any of the above then let me know
    Certifications: CCNA, CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice, MCDST, MCITP, MCSA, MCSE, Zeacom Accredited
    WIP: CCNP Route/Switch

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