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Koenig in India anygood? CEH/CHFI ....are there jobs for having these qualifications?

Discussion in 'Other IT certifications' started by glasgowgolfer, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. glasgowgolfer

    glasgowgolfer Bit Poster

    Hi All, i am having a major dilema @ the Mo and hope you guys can help in 1 way or another!! i was made redundant recently and having been a Network Engineer for 7 years 2000-2007 and was a CCNA @ the time... i decided to get back into engineering, i have never been any good @ home study using books or CBT Videos..(i even tried CCENT 1st to gently get me back in but dont know if its not quite going in as im much older than i was when i did CCNA back in 2003) so im thinking of a bootcamp, now having checked a few of the best out i have narrowed it down to Firebrand in England or Koenig in India (both countries are foreign to me as i'm Scottish ha ha) Firebrand have 12 hour days for 5 days (sounds heavy) and much more expensive than Koenig even taking a return flight to India into consideration, .....now just to throw a spanner in the works having looked at things in the world and thought about the future i have also considered doing the Certified Ethical Hacker and the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator Course...why i hear you ask....well my budget is 2.5k and for this money i can get a CCNA in UK but in India i can get the CEH & CHFI for the same price as a CCNA....now...Jobwise....if i work in Glasgow or Edinburgh would i be best sticking to boring dependable old Cisco or taking a chance in the Security side of things with the CEH/CHFI, .....my head is bursting trying to make my mind up....some...or just any advice would be muchly appreciated....also i would prob do my Licenced Penetration Tester cert next year (but only if i go down the CEH/CHFI road......
    and all positive or negative comments appreciated.
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  2. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator

    Duplicate Thread, please do not post the same message more than once
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