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Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by noelg24, Oct 28, 2005.

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    So I get home from work tonight only to find my broadband connection not working...so as normal I unplugged the modem from the mains, rebooted my PC...system back up and running I plug the modem back in...however I got nothing...so I gave the modem another power cycle...still nothing...it was 9.30pm so I rang Telewest...I was in the Q for almost 30min but before I got thru to someone I thought lets unplug the modem one more time...this time I left it off for about 5min...then the person at Telewest answered...and at this point I plugged the modem back in...and just as I was giving him my details and getting onto the problem...the damn connection only started working!!! :eek: I laughed and so did the guy at Telewest...I couldnt believe it...I thought the damn thing didnt want to work before...so why now? but who cares I got my connection back and that was the main thing but still I didnt expect that...:D maybe they have secrectly upgraded my connection to 10Mb...altho I aint received any emails about it...and checking on their site this side of Newcastle aint yet ready for upgrading...so it cant be that...probs just a temp glitch...
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    Ha, that has happened to me too, for no apparent reason. I guess they fixed the connection at their end whilst you were pressing buttons on your phone trying to get through to the tech support department :rolleyes:
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